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Thursday, September 07, 2006

iFelicidades Papi!

This is my Papi's birthday week. Although I will get to see him and celebrate with him this weekend, I wish I didn't have to wait until then...

When I was in kindergarten my Papi worked the late shift till 2am opposite of my Mom. In the morning, he would always wake up complaining that the music was too loud. I pretended not to hear him and danced around the living room in my brown plaid uniform to my favorite record- "We will rock you," by Queen. He would turn the music down slighty, probably more for the neighbors and make me breakfast. It was always pan tostado and a licuado.

In elementary school he would even help me with making the perfect part for my ponytails or pigtails. After my eyes were sufficiently slanted from the ponytail(s), it was time for my pan y licuado. When I was old enough to comb my own hair he still made me licuados, my favorite was when I got to take them to go.

In high school I woke him every morning to say goodbye and truthfully about three other times to ask him which outfit he thought worked best. By college he complained about my tacones and music being too noisy in the morning... Admitted when I left that he missed the noise; of my too loud radio, tacones on wood, and the opening and closing of his bedroom door to say "buenos dias," "yes, I know I am running late, " and I love you."

When I would stay up writing papers, or studying like tonight he would check on my progress. When I would skip work or school- writing papers, or studying he would disapprove.

I recently started to make licuados, even bought choco mil. When I told him he laughed and finally told me some of the secret combinations and ingredients he used to make. I think I am actually getting pretty good at them.

I feel so blessed, to be the daughter, of such a noble man.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

he reall is
wish him a happy b-day from me tambien

9:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A good father is rare these days, you are blessed..

2:31 PM  

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