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I moved to this fabulous city three years ago mainly to; be near an airport for travel, be able to not trade my stilletos for trainers, and to finish my doctoral studies in four years. Yes, that pretty much sums up my priorities at 30. So now I am ABD with nine months to go and San Francisco is no easy city to ignore. Although, I would argue that each experience that deters my academic writing is really just needed inspiration. Welcome and I hope you enjoy...

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Future Perfect...

I have wandered off and into another virtual space...will write and check in here periodically.

Thank you for reading, xoxo


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Papis Cumple!

Made my way to LA to celebrate my papacitos birthday!

They had already been to a Willy Nelson concert the night before and stayed out til six am. We enjoyed a great dinner at the Sportmans Lodge.

The next night was tequila and Mariachi...tomorrow is dinner with Familia Roque!
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Monday, September 01, 2008

Tahoe Donner

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Sunday, August 24, 2008


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Woke up early to move my car for street cleaning. Made my way to the Mission District to Belmar y La Gallinita. Mental list, ordered my dozen of handmade tortillas, my bag of fresh and cleaned nopales, my queso fresco, picked out some cilantro and tomatoes...As I waited for my order of tortillas I had one with a slice of queso fresco and a Mexican coke. Friday perfect.

I was all smiles with my cane sugar soda and hot off the girl tortillas de maiz. Walked towards my car. And continued to walk. Perplexed- where exactly was my car? The mental list and yummy anticipation had totally blocked my ability to recall my parking spot. En serio- I thought okay, think- and the next best thing is to just continue to walk around and talk to someone who could appreciate and laugh with you. Unfortunately none of those people- mi Papa, mi Frank, mi Monica seemed to be available at the moment. Fortunately I was walking down the wrong street and found my car.

My mom called me and I told her my funny story.

All my errands out of the way I parked my car for the weekend, sure enough a few hours later the neighborhood was overcome with festival goers.

I sliced up the nopales with onion drizzled in olive oil and kosher salt and set them in the oven. My friend came over with tequila which we drank and snacked before heading towards the park.

On our way down the block we ran into our favorite door guy and had a drink for the road. Found two more festival buddies to share a cab with. They said drinks on them after the show.

Inside the festival we caught the end of Steel Pulse. Tried to get in touch with friends inside but the iphones and crackberrys were making mobile communication impossible.

Found our way towards the front of the polo field stage for Manu Chao- love him, more and more each time I see him. He gave shout out after shout out to Mexico!

Radiohead was a big downer- my friend wanted to stay a bit longer. The stage was beautiful lavender light emanating into the dark park sky- the music was too mellow. I said- this makes me want to kill myself. Reaction finally made our way through the tunnel towards the free redbull onto the bus and back into the bar where our cab buddies showed up and true to their word offered us more drinks...


Friday, August 22, 2008

House of Cards

Looking forward to hearing this live!!!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Manu Manu Manu!

Counting down the days to Friday...The San Francisco Outside Lands Festival, is gracing my back yard!

Looking forward to meeting up with city friends for a phenomenal concert that we can walk too :)

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

City as Muse

For a thriving creative class...Photos from last night drinks at the 500 Club with the Fuzzy MFA's. Jazz club with friend tending bar. The drums, the talentless and the talent-full. My life with the almost famous- novelist, scholars, artists and musicians.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


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My summers are marked by travel and music...Fortunately this year I have had my share of both and good friends with whom to partake.

When I returned from Portland my friend picked me up from the airport and after freshening up we picked up my fuzzy friend and headed to the loft party. Found the birthday girl, handed her a bottle of bubbly and after enjoying the amazing sound system made our way to a late night dinner.

From the generous folks and friends at Stern Grove heard the amazing sounds of Si*Se and Bajofondo Performing live. I have long been a fan of Si*Se and the cd I have was burned for me, with the playlist written in my best friend from 9th grades meticulous handwriting. This week finally made it to Amoeba and picked up a copy of Bajofondo- Mardulce.

The week was full of early morning cafe outings to focus on the more scholarly elements of my life. Rockin Java and Tartine being among my current cafe favorites!

Met with my friend and the Stern Grovers for yummy food at 'Home,' their $4 signature cocktail happy hour was also very nice. Perfect stop before walking over for a show at the du Nord.

With my Seattle native friend checked out nights at the de Young featuring the work of Chihuly, live music and water coloring- quite a treat.

Pulled off a successful Bridal Brunch and looking forward to the Hen night! The city girls are getting married- one down three to go, those lucky, lucky men :)

The LA girls are having babies- the last four all being perfectly beautiful baby boys.

The familia is strong and well, making plans to; the lake, to Bolinas, Arizon, the Gulf of Mexico...everything around is growing.

I couldn't be happier.

photo above was taken Sunday the 10 of August in Dolores park- another day of sun, friends and bubbly


Saturday, August 02, 2008


It had been two years since my friend left San Francisco...the days flew bye as we talked nonstop.

Met her son for the first time. Caught up with her and her husband.

Took the train down from Seattle, straight to her yoga class. Went to Last Thursday in her Alberta Arts district.

Great breakfast on the patio of Tin Shed, great coffee at Random Order, the best bookstore I have been to in the nation- Powells, a new found favorite in the Pearl district.

How could I forget the trip to the vineyards and drinks at the Bye and Bye.
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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


A fun business trip with plenty of time to sample great food, drinks, and sights.

Off to Portland...
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Sometimes you meet people and you know the story is just begining...

When I met her we were both out with musicians, bonded instantly over our Mexicaness. In a room together the Argentine and the Puerto Rican would exclaim- Amor a la Mexicana!

She was the guerita and I was the morenita. We made plans for dinner parties, and double dates that would never happen.
At least not with them. It would take months before we finally sat down for that cafecito. There like ribbons our stories would unravel and we would laugh in mutual shock and horror...

We set out with our new found friendship- reclaiming spaces, catching up on life events like long lost primas...before the sun came up we had men offering us drinks, serving us patron, offering to build us bonfires. Some we accepted others declined as we navigated our way through the city night.

With the first sign of sunlight we said goodnight to the after-after party with the band. Laughed as we recounted the night moving easily from english to spanish and made plans into the summer...

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tennis Passport

When I was in Jr. High my Mom and my best friends Mom decided they would sign us up for tennis lessons at the Northridge park recreation center.

I remember it was the typical San Fernando Valley heat , there was a lot of drill and kill, and I thought where is the fun in chasing this ball around the court? I couldn't wait for the lessons to end. Maybe we took two six-week session because my best friend liked it and my mom had agreed to the carpool.

It was difficult to explain what I did not like about my tennis lessons back then. It was a sport I had enjoyed watching- I thought Wimbledon on TV was really a cool thing to follow. Even had a crush on Andre Agassi, remembered the adverts always featured champagne and strawberries and I thought- now that is my kind of tennis.

Over the years I would explain when asked if I played tennis- oh, it is not for me, did take lessons once and did not enjoy it. I was pretty adamant it was out of my skill set. Then a boy asked me if I played...again I said, no.

Over time, he reasoned if I had only one or two bad experiences with tennis maybe we should try again- just for fun. Trying to find a hobby in common, he did not like yoga, I did not want to do Capoeria, we settled on swimming and tennis. We were equally opposite, I had been swimming since I was five-years old and he grew up playing tennis. Maybe it was my competitive edge or, not wanting to be a complete disaster on the court- but I started to think I should take a tennis lesson or two.

My University has a tennis pro...And soon the summer session was starting so I inquired. I went shopping for a tennis skirt, and when the guy called me- I told him I was taking a lesson. Okay, he laughed let me know when you want to practice.

I arrived to my first noon time lesson with my directors blessing and her very nice Prince racket. The tennis pro changed my name indefinitely to Lenora and I wondered if I had any eye hand coordination, but felt no pressure and laughed at my mistakes.

The tennis pro told us stories and about his non-profit to get first generation school age tennis players on the courts. The next week I couldn't wait to go back. Again the tennis pro shared stories of all the public courts in the city, how easy it is to find partners to play with. Commented that before we knew it- Lenora would be organizing matches, I laughed.

He was right, suddenly as I shared with new and familiar friends I was enjoying my tennis lessons they all started to offer to play. Two of my colleagues took up the lessons with me. Our director already plays and offered to play doubles with us when we are ready.

So it has been about a month of lessons, and already I played with my colleagues at Sea Ranch, and yesterday the tennis pro held a lesson for us at his country club...needless to say the boy that reignited my tennis interest and I may never play, but perhaps there will be others.

This week a woman I am working on a committee with invited me to her club to play. Turns out she is just starting also and her husband plays really well. I don't know why but so far all the women I have met play less well than their partners. Is it a male dominated sport? What about- the Serena's, Martina's, Anna's of the tennis world? Fortunately for me, my girlfriends are not there yet.

My tennis pro said, "Lenora, tennis is like a passport, you can go anywhere with a descent game." I assured him I had a passport and was far from having any sort of 'game!' Needless to say my mom is glad I found my way back to the sport she always wanted me to play, and so am I.


Sunday, July 06, 2008

sunday perfect

Sun, bubbly, and popscicles on a perfect Sunday at Dolores Park with friends :)
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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Firecracker, firecracker, shish, boom, bah

It has been a beautiful week full of love...

The sun is out, new and familiar friendships abound and I feel very still. Woke with the urge to reorganize my closet- wardrobe rotation in anticipation of the Indian summer that lies ahead. Sun streaming through the kitchen, my friend and her husband both PhD's and writers shared with me their writing tips and routines. Over tea we talked about centering and writing, getting over the fear of what keeps us from carving words on paper.

Made it to two yoga classes, one tennis practice, and one personal training session this week and my body felt both stronger and sore. I think I am finally getting a hang of this fitness for health lifestyle thing...The Sunday yoga class set the tone for my week- "the opposite of love is fear. Be love," I knew this I thought, but it is always good to be reminded.

From the Sea Ranch to the city, was blessed to mix friendship and work the week through. July is off to a good start, lots of work to do and absolutely ready.

Danced at Dub Mission but that was trumped by Manicato at Afroliscous. Celebrated my favorite Chicanas birthday with botanitas and sparkling wine before dancing the night away with the girls Thursday night.

Enjoyed the holiday from my friends place in Twin Peaks, who hosted us with a veggie and meat spread that complimented her Mojito's perfectly! It was foggy, but no one seemed to mind. Caught up with girlfriends in passing moments as their husbands, boyfriends, dates, were out of ears reach...seems we all had quite a bit to share- the fireworks, couldn't possibly have been half as entertaining :)

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Sea Ranch

Made it up the North coast, past Bodega Bay, Jenner, all the way to Sea Ranch. Saw where the Russian River meets the ocean along the way. We drove up the curvy tree lined road to the multi-story home that would be our remote work place for the next three days.

It was a packed agenda, planning how to carry out the vision and mission of the grant we work for in the upcoming year. It was a beautiful settings to set and create new goals. From the deck, through the trees, you could just peer a glimpse of the ocean below. The glass walls, made it easy to day dream- but it was just as easy to stay engaged on the work at hand; social justice, critical pedagogy, and service learning.

Three of us had no cell phone coverage which meant, no iphone and no blackberry for me. The house was not wireless ready, like we are accustomed to in about every inch of San Francisco. Somehow we survived, I would say I almost enjoyed the lack of connectivity- momentarily.

Of course it was not all work, made it to the hot tube on the deck, practiced our tennis on the courts facing the ocean, and enjoyed the beautiful setting while getting lots of work done :)


Thursday, June 26, 2008

June All Stars

Summer is off to a lovely start...

*Project Martinez Martinez in full effect
*Art in Los Angeles
*Lessons with the Tennis Pro
*Dancing the night away...
*Connecting with my Friends
*Making new friends
*Discovering the Pretty leaded glass behind my curtains
*Planning a Bridal Brunch and Hen's night for lovely Momo
*Nine more weeks of personal training
*SPA days
*Travel planning
*Expanding the network
*Heading to Sea Ranch!


Friday, June 20, 2008


Five years in August since I left LA and being here never felt so good. At first I would spend every long weekend I had flying home; to see the family, friends, boyfriend, spend the long weekends and holiday breaks. What had I ever left for, I often wondered?

Since then a lot has changed; throughout the city, in the lives of friends and family as well as the culture of LA. What I love about my new city San Francisco, I have finally been able to see emerging here in the hot concrete maze. Sleek buses and metros for public transportation, a thriving creative class, the greening of the city is a work in progress. I love finding the old neighborhoods fending off gentrification and sometimes being revitalized at the same tiime- it is complicated.

June has always been a good month for me in LA, this year I feel more at home than ever. I am not sure if I walked into a heat wave or it is just summer. Experienced two days of commuting to work and decided the 405 freway is a human hazard. The cars crawling along as they make their way mainly one person per car. Ariving at any destination outside the Valley despite the traffic was worth the 15 degree change.

It has been a full week, Mariachi with the parents, visiting with friends and maybe falling for LA again...or maybe just finding my new place among the changing landscape. Either way my two good friends have shared with me some of their LA. Kindly helping me navigate and feel connected still to nuestro Los Angeles...

I spent my free day with my Dad yesterday. We went to lunch in Echo Park with my favorite Chicano, then to the g727 Gallery. I contributed some ChaCha artifacts to the exhibit and the gallery owner shared his space and knowledge with us.

We drove along Wilshire Blvd arriving at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, had a drink at the cafe and great conversation with William the bartender about our adventures so far. Observing my Dad and I he said "I am looking forward to having a day like this with my daughter, she is 13."
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Thursday, June 12, 2008


I made it back from the South where I was treated warmly and networked with leaders moving the national service, non-violent, social justice agenda forward.

Atlanta, may not be indicative of the rest of Georgia but I experienced new tastes, sights and sounds. At every meal we asked how do the women possible stay thin? Despite the warm weather the portions were tremendous and the food cheesy, gooey goodness. I must say they take pride in their fresh farm to table cuisine....didn't stop us from trying the truffle blue mac n'cheese, too sweet mint juleps and okra stew- my favorite!

Between the three Southern states I have spent time in; Florida, Louisiana and Georgia- I would have to say New Orleans has been my favorite.
In San Francisco, the weather has been warm and the days full. Revising familiar paths and forging new ones. Heading to SoCal for work and family the same weekend as the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival. Also skipping the lovely playa at Burning Man to attend a dear friends destination wedding on Kuai.

Renegotiating my time and space to accommodate the sunny days ahead, the dissertation writing, work, my family,friends and love...

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Farewell toast in the ATL :)
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Monday, June 02, 2008


The historic Ebenezer Baptist Church.
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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Like Magic

Quite the festive week. Started out with dinner at Limon in the Mission, fine Peruvian goodness with the most attentive staff! Made our way down the street to the Elbow Room, without a plan upstairs a Carnaval pre-party with Afrolicious, pure Brazilian and Samba fusion.

Headed to a Bridal Brunch, the Stanford PhD is set to wed later this summer in Seattle, WA. RSVPd to the wedding taking place in Turks and Caicos next Spring. Was overjoyed to receive the call that my dear friend was engaged...It is Weddings and the City season, although all three brides to be reside in the bay area, they opted for destination weddings.

Feeling strong and ready to take on another round of dissertation writing. The fitness commitment reached a lovely minus 8 on the scale! Sticking with the healthy lifestyle change and adding gardening in the organic community garden and tennis with a pro this season.

Heading to the ATL for a conference, to source more funding for my fellows and check out the Crunk scene :)


Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Textation

Started out the long weekend with 106 text exchanges here are a few of my favorites :)

20:53 'or u can come earlier (8:30) and we can walk twin peaks first.' my friend on prepping for the first bridal event of the season

15:53 'Te quiero mucho yo tambien, happy friday' mi Papi chulo y querido

12:09 'Thank you for celebrating this with me! That means a lot' Bride to be, in response to the Turks and Caicos wedding RSVP

11:17 '...u r Xicana as Anna Castillo dreamed u: Traditional, creative, hard wrking, n smart enuf 2 not put up w bs n get bk 2 ur true self whn u want.' mi Chicano favorito

4:35 'ke pasa che todavia me odias?' como jode el boludito :)

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Life of Lo

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

LA Radio

Part 1 of last weekends trip was all work, sort of...

Landed in LAX, shuttle to rental car, drive along La Cienega Boulevard before arriving to our hotel on Sunset Boulevard.

Check in, freshen up drive through Laurel Canyon to the KPFK studio, years since I had been there. Interview with my two colleagues was fun and familiar to me- no jitters at all.

Took Cahuenga back to Hollywood Boulevard to show my colleague a few of the sights on that side of town. Made our way back to Sunset Boulevard. Drinks at Boa dinner at Asia de Cuba with an amazing view of LA. Passed on the Sky Bar- early morning to get ready, check out, get coffee and head over to the 10am seminar on the West side of town.

Today Wednesday May 14, 2008 short segment on the 6pm evening news, KPFK 90.7fm streaming live.

Then on the hour long show 'Politics or Pedagogy,' Saturday, May 31 at 1:00 PM which will also feature a call-in with a Family Law Judge.

Tune in...

*4:30pm update segment producer called- we will be on the Thursday May 15, KPFK evening news not today 5/14/08...
**Three is a charm segment producer called again- the news segement will finally air today! Friday May 16, 2008

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

A Good Day

I woke up an hour late for breakfast, and sent a text admitting I needed another hour. The sun was out and I tried to move along and get ready, stopping only to boil water for a yerba mate.

Made a mental list of all the errands I had to run, gathered my stuff, changed purses and surprisingly kept the first outfit I tried. Happy with the open toe flats, short graphic print dress, layered with a small sweater and scarf- sunglasses and out the door.

Maybe I was ten minutes late. He walked out with my two cds and three more of his own, asked if he should drive? I admitted on the way to breakfast, I did not like driving, he was surprised. Seriously I said, if I could have a driver I would.

Deciding where to go I reminded him of the Hayes Valley brunch spot that we skipped one Sunday because the line was out the door. Stacks, I think was the name and we made our way through the sunny streets, even found parking.

Inside Stacks 'comfortable food', I asked for a booth please and we got it. I loved the upscale coffee-shop and the kind server who said, no worries, there are four pages of choices. I knew instantly I was having a savory breakfast crepe, just had to decide which one. He went with some scramble that involved meat.

We caught up easily, shared, asked, answered and then he said, where to first? I am your chauffeur for the day. I smiled. On the way to the car he said he never knew I did not prefer to drive.

I rambled off all the places I needed to go and we made our way through the city. The transit office for my residential parking permit, office store for certificates for work, a department store for a return I had to make.

In the department store I showed him where the men's stuff was and said I just need to look at a few things. He laughed, and agreed. I picked out some shoes I was interested in, and when I returned admired his one selection. Mentioned to him, cuando te queria tried to pick something out for you. 'Oh, ya no me quieres?' No, you know I like things on my time-line. Then he really started laughing and I joined him.

We looked for a few more things and I said wow- you have amazingly bad taste in handbags. I couldn't tell if he had bad taste or was just being annoying. He didn't mind shopping with me and that is something I did not know about him. It reminded me of Aguascalientes, where you see the men and women accompanying each other shopping, when I was there my male cousin even joined me, until I sent him away to the men's section.

I thought to ask if he had any errands he needed to run, and it was just one. Some adapter for audio, I stayed in the car checking and responding to email. We each had one errand to go and agreed to to check out the ocean after.

I picked out some juices and we continued to listen to the stack of cd's, Loteria Beats that I had turned him onto and his Blues Motel that I loved instantly because they reminded me of the Rolling Stones in Spanish.

We made it to the ocean, the water was choppy too windy to stay out side. So we had to take it in from the car. I continued to return emails as they came through and he returned calls he had missed. When we had recharged a bit in the sun we made our way back.

I had to pack for my trip and he was meeting friends for a show at Cafe Du Nord. Did I want to go? He asked, and I promptly replied no. We traded cd's his Manicato for my Loteria Beats...

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

El Presente

Con el mundo
como va se nos acaba todo ay yaya ya yayy
la tempestad y la calma casi son la misma cosa
ay yaya ya yaay
Julieta Venegas


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Tacos de Papa

Since Thursday evening when I ate late night Mexican food with the Tico after the Manicato show, I have been craving a taco de papa.

I didn't have any plans to celebrate the the battle of Puebla, but as the day went on, I had a nagging craving. I looked in the pantry and fridge to see if I could satisfy my craving.

I found some Peruvian beans that I sorted, rinsed and placed in water to boil. I had just put them on the stove when my Mom called...when I hung up the phone I remembered the frijoles de la olla and the water was almost gone! Ugh, I swear I had already perfected this dish, but not today. I added more water a big no-no and hoped they survived.

In the fridge I found some cilantro, tomatoes, onion and limon, I thought no problem I will make a pico de gallo and add it to a Calvillo cheese quesadilla- perfect.

Fortunately my friend called and I told her, 'I am craving something Mexican!' We walked down the hill without a plan and found the 43 bus waiting for us. We headed to the Marina.

Crossed the street to La Barca and she said uh-oh, this land/water craft was decorated with all the Mexican brands in front of La Barca. As we approached the restaurant people were streaming onto the sidewalk. I looked at her, realizing neither of us really had this in mind.

Walked up to the entrance to have a young door person say it was the exit today. Walked back to the bar entrance to show our id's. I smiled and asked if they were serving food. "Yes are you here for dinner?" Taco de papa craving since Thursday I told him. "Thank you for knowing they are on my menu." They are not really but they always make them for me. He smiled. "Let me walk you over to the hostess." We went back to the current exit past the young door guy and the crowds to the hostesses. Thank you, "You are welcome, nice to see you again."

I whispered to my friend- he's the owner. Our name on the list an opening at the bar, we took in the after work crowd that had already been there for four hours. It was funny to watch, everyone was really nice.

Helped myself to some beer cozies sitting on the counter either for my dad or Burning Man, figured out Cazadores Tequila was underwriting the entire bar promotion and when I turned the bartender was reaching over my head to place a festive necklace on me.

Our table was ready and my friend got her free shot from the bartender when she closed the tab, then because I was still working on my margarita and she had finished hers, the server brought her one also. My friend prefers to say he brought it to her because she was hot- okay, agreed!

We laughed at how unexpectedly fun the night had turned out. Didn't know where to catch the bus back, realizing we have only taken it in one direction hailed a cab easily...happy, full and giddy.

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Monday, May 05, 2008

Urban Legend

When I first moved to the city and worked in the Mission, I started to hear about the Tamale Lady.

A colleague and member of The Extra Action Marching Band played me the song they had written for her.

Over the years I would ask what kind of tamales, thinking the non latinos probably didn't know the difference between the Mexican corn husked goodness and some of the other varieties.

I had never seen the Tamale Lady or one of her tamales. I had almost forgotten she existed.

Last night my friend and I were at Casanova, not wanting to head to Dub Mission too early. Over our four-dollar drinks the entertainment began.

Met some local surfers that asked if we were local. Then started in on how not local the girls next to us were. Only because they had been rude did the conversation come up that they were bridge and tunnel. The guys said- Danville, who lives in Danville? Right? I totally agreed.

Everyone was having a good time, it was obvious the levels of sobriety varied, but we had just started our night.

Then I heard some one talking about tamales. I turned to see a woman walking away. I asked the guy standing near me is that The Tamale Lady?! Yeah, get her for me please!

I turned in my bar stool and said hi! English then Spanish I asked her are you the famous Tamale Lady? Si, I told her how long I had been wanting to meet her, did she have veggie tamales? I settles on rajas con queso. She asked if I wanted some salsa and I said only if it was not spicy- then she said here you better just eat it with out.

It was cool to meet her and the tamal was delicious. My friend said, I didn't know I liked tamales. The guys next to me asked me how my drunk tamal was, I looked at him puzzled and he explained she is the patron saint of the Mission drunks.

At Dub, I ran into my neighbor and told him about my tamal experience. He said he has had them at Zeitgeist after a day of drinking. I told him I had never seen her and thought the gringos wouldn't really know a good tamal if they had one. He is from Michoacan, and he said no- they really are good. Agreed, yum...

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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Weekend ChaCha

Week six of the fitness plan and down six pounds. So far soo good and feeling strong. Welcome the needed energy as life has been an equal frenzy of; work, socializing, fitness, and networking.

Celebrated May day in the Mission with new and familiar friends enjoying the sounds of Manicato. Being at their show reminds me of Ozomatli ten years ago playing the local East LA Chicano circuit. Definitely think Manicato is a band to watch.

To transition from work to social mode, I have been taking my sweet time to get ready. Makes me laugh when I realize I channel my inner ChaCha with big hair, makeup, and just the right outfit. Danced the entire night away with a Tico that could lead, if I hadn't already worked out I would have welcomed the two hours of dancing. The next day my toes hurt and I slept in.

Started the weekend with dirty martinis and late night dinner. A good time networking with a new media network that I really respect. A more formal office meeting to follow, but enjoyed the informal introduction my friend coordinated at my favorite local eatery Alembic.

Next morning was a full Saturday with the most amazing urban educators at the last pedagogical seminar of the semester. From that came requests for a radio interview when I am in so cal this week, a conference presentations in the fall, and thoughts of following through with the fellowship application which would make me bi-costal for the next year.

The evening was a night out with my international friends, the night kept going and I landed in a heated discussion about Penelope Cruz fame, it was funny but I assured them that she was famous long before she dated the other Cruise...either way car doors were opened, drinks purchased, chivalrous group that managed to keep me out for yet another late night.

When the alarm went off for brunch I figured I could quickly rush to get ready then enjoy my coffee, knowing my Peruvian amigas are about as timely as I am. Needless to say they had not stayed out as late as me the night before. We caught up over mimosas and came back to my place for a cafecito.

Call came through and heading out to hear some dub...


Friday, April 25, 2008

Vida Hidro Calida

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

La Calixtina

Pura gente bonita! En el rancho de Los tios Lupita y Tacho

El rancho La Calixtina, Calvillo, Aguascalientes
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Friday, April 18, 2008

Full Circle

We have roots like memories that run deep though the land

Connecting guayaba trees the fragrant fruit that my mom would place in the kitchen window on a warm summer day

The breeze would fill the house with a smell pungent and sweet until she would put it back in the freezer til the next time

I would not know- what it meant to crave the smell of earth the scent of ripe sweet guayaba, hold dear something that had made the trip from the interior of the republic to our home- not until later

In the meantime I made faces at the lentils they ate with sliced banana
the white cheese with quince
Bolillo toasted on the comal with butter and dipped into thick chocolate
the Chocos at the corner and fresh squeezed orange juice I began to crave

Not understand truly all the stories I heard the tall tales that seemed larger than life magical realism, the western notion to explain enchantment

my western mind seeping into my families collective memory but there are places still a place called home that stands to show me, life really was that way

What was lost to me on the visits back when I was younger is keeping me from sleeping tonight, I can't wait to take it all in

The older I get the more I understand the Mexico that my family came from, has a name, a people, a face

It is like going to the old country in a state that never went away or got lost in time, finding my way back, with three generations still alive and connected that began as far back as the Great Great Grandparents on my Mothers side

Going to Aguascalientes to join my Abuelita and my Mami

I will be Lore the great granddaughter of Dolores y Luis, Lore the granddaughter of Amparo y Jesus, the daughter of Laurita, the goddaughter of Chachita...

Take it all in and hopefully return one day with a daughter of my own

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The D.E.Y.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Feria de San Marcos

Ni puedo creer que el viernes me voy a Aguascalientes! Hoy desperte con ganas de escuchar esta cancion, Pelea de Gallo...

A la féria de San Marcos, del merito Aguascalientes
Van llegando los valientes con su gallo copetón.
Y lo traen bajo del brazo al sonar de la partida
Pa' jugarse hasta la vida con la fé de un espolón.

Linda la pelea de gallos con su público bravero
Con sus chorros de dinero y los gritos del gritón.
Regosándonos el gusto no se sienten ni las horas
Con tequila y cantadoras que son puro corazón.

Ay! Fiesta bonita!
Y hasta el alma grita con todas sus fuerzas:
<"QUE VIVA!!">
Que su féria es un primor.

Ya comienza la pelea, las apuestas ya casadas
Las navajas amarradas centellando bajo del sol.
Cuando sueltan a los gallos temblorosos de coraje
No hay ninguno que se raje para darse una agarrón.

Con sus plumas relucientes y aventando picotazos
Quieren hacerse pedazos, pués traen ganas de pelear
Y en el choque cae el giro sobre el suelo ensangrentado
Ha ganado el colorado que se pone ya a cantar.

Ay! Fiesta bonita!...

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008


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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

In Training

Since I left LA I have only dabbled in fitness. A year exploring my state of the art fitness center free with university tuition, moving studios from one kind of yoga, to another. I must say of all the fitness endeavors I have taken none have been better than walking the three miles to the ocean or into Golden Gate park from my home.

Sunday my Argentino and I made our way into Golden Gate park. He says, once I get my bike we will ride through the city. I am certain he means it in the casual Mission hipster sort of way, and hopefully not some heavy duty cycling. Agreed, a ride to the ocean would be the first outing once my Schwinn is up from LA.

We were meeting his friends at the Chilean festival. I told him we had to walk for an hour. He laughed, why? "Because I am on a fitness plan. Remember I told you about the personal trainer?" What do you have to loose? "Pounds, querido, pounds, my mom said!" He smiled. I thought wow, he really is perfect.

Truth is I am on week three of the 12 week training commitment, already lost 3 lbs which does not feel like much but have been exercising 3 hours a week which is more than I have all year.

On Sunday when the sun was out and the call came through to head to the festival I asked him, how long I had to get ready. He said it is the park, wear boots and jeans something for the campo. I laughed, "I think I have to wear flats." Don't you have flat boots, he asked, then I realized in Spanish we were likely talking about two different types of shoes.

He got to the door and said, you are not going to be cold in that top? And you can walk in those shoes? "Ugh, casual is difficult," I told him. "Wait in the living room." Found my favorite new pair of navy blue flats, gold tank under my navy puma zip up, and a pair of jeans I had not worn since summer. I could fold them under to just the right length. I couldn't believe my body was already responding to the nutrition and fitness kick. Changed bags into my inherited LV bag and placed my new Dita sunglasses on my head.

"Okay, lets go," he smiled again.

At the festival he spotted some friends, see how they show up and you were worried about what you wore. "I would never show up in sweats," I tell him. Greeted his friends and one of them said, que guapa. Gracias ;)

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Saturday, April 05, 2008


I never tire of giving thanks to my Virgencita of Guadalupe. It has been a beautiful week full of love, hopes, and dreams...

If you haven't already tuned into CURRENT, what are you waiting for?

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Unspoken

When he asked me out, I did not know what time I would be done writing. No problem, just text me when you do. It was 9pm before I got up from my desk. He called back, when, do you think you will be ready? "In 30 minutes," he laughed, call me when you are ready.

It was 90 minutes before I called him back. Ready he asked? "Yes." With Latino men, you rarely have to explain the amount of time it takes you to get ready. They know the wait is worth it. Que linda, he said when he saw me. A bachata song came over the radio. Do you know how to dance bachata, he asked. "Do you?" Yes. "Then I do to, I just have to follow right?" Si, he said with a smile.

He wanted us to go meet his friends, so I agreed. The first table of names, I would not remember, although I tried to remember some of the women's names. I couldn't make out the Spanish accents either. As we walked away one of the men said 'caio flaca.' I smiled, it was a term of endearment strangers do not usually use with each other.

I asked, "were they Argentinos?" No, Chilenos. "Oh, they sound like Argentinos." Yes, a little. Another round of handshakes, and what did I want to drink one of his friends asked? Piña con vodka, someone said 'Piña para la niña.' I could tell this was going to be quite the night.

We were at Delirium listening to the punk rock standards. I sat down, not wanting to mess up my flouncy top. I could just imagine the chiffon ripping on some sweaty mosher. For the record, I had not dressed for this bar.

In English someone asked me do you want to see? Handed me a small black leather-bound book. I smiled and opened the pages. "Oh, did you draw these?" Some, would you like to draw something? "I don't draw, just write bad poetry." That's fine.

My drink arrived, was I okay? Yes, just going to write some bad poetry on demand, we laughed.

I wrote and thought about keeping the shiny silver pen, didn't of course. The music had changed and I wiggled in my seat a bit I guess because one then another guy had asked if I wanted to dance? "No, thank you, really."

Stood up and placed my purse on the table. Another introduction, this time to an artist. Is that your purse he asked? "Yes." He said why don't you set it over here by my friends. "Not sure how long I am staying thanks." My guy said let's go meet his friends. So we did, and finally free of my purse, I focused on my still full drink. I remembered my last night of drinking there. The morning after was painful.

Held my drink out and said it is too strong help me. Made a note to switch to water. It was loud and they discussed Pink or Elbow Room. So, we made our way over to the Elbow Room, but the Brazilian Band was not playing that night.

We sat at the bar, and someone was buying a round but I ordered water. It was a group and I quickly took up with the banker by day and musician by night. Asked what I did, told me both of his parents were professors. So the conversation kept going. I looked up and saw my guy wink and smile.

I said, "it was nice talking with you," and excused myself. They were discussing what to do since the Brazilians were not playing. In a rare public display of affection my guy pulled me in close. I noticed it was timed precisely as the guy I had been talking to made his way over.

The artist invited us to his nearby loft. Inside I found a peacock feather and arranged it in my hair, it complimented my outfit perfectly. We looked at high fashion photography books and I drank Jamison on the rocks. My guy played the guitar, it was nice. I fixed my hair into a knot and rearranged the feather. The artist said let me adjust it. My guy walked over and said, I will do it. He did a perfect job.

The small group was predominantly international and Spanish speaking. The artist was learning Spanish and the language lesson when we returned from adjusting my hair was on not touching. Explaining how one would say do not touch, do not touch was doble sentido at its best.

My guy asked the artist if the piece hanging on the wall was his? No, did I want to see his work? Yes, it was just a few feet away from where we sat and my guy kept on with the guitar.

A few feet away, we looked through his stills, and sketches. He asked me if I had a boyfriend? "No," and I kept looking at the artwork. Started to comment on how nice it was to meet me..."Oh, I am sorry, I don't have a boyfriend but I am here with someone."

He fumbled over his words, noticed I had been talking to many people that night. "Yes, fortunately we are both really social. We have been through this before, if we are out together we are not exchanging information with others." We can be friends though, he continued.

"You are his acquaintance, he said you were a great artist. Invite him to something and ask him to bring me. I have to respect the boundaries we have set, have no desire or reason not to." He said, it makes sense, the two of you, he is lucky. "It is mutual."

I spotted the vintage wallpaper on the shelf and then we made some art. First he asked, when they were teaching me how to say not to touch, they were talking to me about you, right? Maybe, his friends took it up with you, not us...

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008


My first piece of art created. Mission District, San Francisco, California 2008.
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Monday, March 31, 2008


The Tahoe weekend away was perfect for thinking about the month ahead. Unbelievable the end of March has arrived.

Mental list transfered to agenda and electronic calendars last night. Deadlines and wrting schedules set.

Will be buzzing through the month to make it to the Feria de San Marcos con mi familia linda. Al diablo con los feos, me voy a Agauscalientes el corazoncito de la republica, "Agua limpia, gente buena, tierra buena!"

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tahoe Summit

I admit the snow and I are still learning to get along....

My friends believe I should have a reality show. This snow hike was quite the adventure for me.

At least my Itallian friend said I looked smaaashing! Fashion counts, even in the great outdoors ;)
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Monday, March 24, 2008


Easter 2008
Con las Familias Zermeño, Roque y Salazar

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