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Friday, October 27, 2006

Nuevas Tradiciones

We pinky swore across the kitchen table...that I had been sitting at since the sun was out. Trying to add variety to the deadline, and overcome the fact that on a lovely sunny day I was stuck inside.

My friend was heading to the market, "do you need anything?" Thank you, no I am good, I will be here, right here- still when you get back. True to my word, when she returned I was still admiring the sun from the inside.

How I wanted to just while away the afternoon with friends, maybe walking all the way to Ocean Beach and stopping for a drink at the Park Chalet on the way back. Or packing a picnic in the handy picnic back pack I had to have, but have only used twice. Even going to Murios sounded better, although that would be more like hiding out from the bright light in the cavernous space with two dollar drink happy hour and pool.

No go. Fortunately my friends boyfriend arrived and although I had been staring at my computer on and off for hours was happy to play hostess. After making sure he had a proper drink we sat at the kitchen table and talked. About things I had no idea about like hard wood floors, to things I knew very well about like dating. When his beautiful girlfriend arrived she also joined us at the table.

Instead of heading out they decided to order in. We ordered pizza and salad, and I had to pass on the wine because although my laptop was off to the side, there was still work to be done. My other friend re-emerged from behind her work and busted out some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.

At the end of the night when it was just the girls we agreed to start looking at dates for our girls Tahoe weekend. Although it was theoretically months away we had to align all three of our calendars just so. That's when I realized we were three brilliantly successful and balanced women, not afraid to work at friendship.

Yes we cared about our careers, the new product beta, the board meeting, the publishers deadlines, but more importantly we were friends. When we are together there is some shop talk, but mostly it is the boy stories, the latest trip, lending, sharing, giving of advice, accessories and ideas.

That's when I declared we had to make the norcal girls weekend a tradicion. And promise to make it an annual or bi-annual event. That's precisely when one of the girls extended her pinky and we responded in kind with the international sign for sisterhood- the pinky swear...


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