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Friday, February 23, 2007

Oh Canada!

The sun was out, the air was crisp, people power walked on by, and couples took their time talking as they strolled. Not far from where I sat seagulls played in a puddle of left over rain water and in the the near distance I could see dogs running towards and away from the water as the waves crashed. Just another day in the cool sun reading the newspaper on the ocean boardwalk.
It was a good morning to be out in the open. The first time I visited the ocean in the cold, was at my friends insistence that it would lesson my homesickness and heartache. She was right. It was a cold January visit to the beach but that didn't seem to stop anyone else from visiting the shore. There is something about the water that makes everything and everyone seem closer.
Since then my good friend has eloped and moved to Portland to have her first child. I imagine when she returns in September we will bring him out to visit the water his mami loves so much.
Thinking back to when I would travel across an ocean my parents would pay a visit to the ocean also. I am a big fan of my parents and I like growing into understanding some of those things you do not understand until you experience. I think it is called wisdom. Today was full circle, the ocean, the cold, the sun, and the amusing headline about Canada turning people away at the border.
I coin it border karma: Suddenly U.S. citizens are being turned away at the border on their way to ski trips because of their record, and what the paper called minor infractions like DUI's or shoplifting. They attributed it to the homeland security act that has a data agreement between people entering and leaving the U.S. and Canada. All I could thing as people worth millions were turned away was- aha, your own beliefs are biting you in the arse. And suddenly you feel the oppression, and discomfort you impose on your neighbors to the south...que bueno.
Supposedly this is just the beginning---and it is expected that more nations will turn away unsuspecting U.S. citizens as they try to enter their countries. Seems you don't need a fence to keep people out after all, just a really good data sharing source.
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