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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Blog Gone Wild

When I read the article my colleague sent me of a British Diplomat that blogged about his indiscretions- I laughed. Recently we have taken up a discussion on new media. I must say, I consider this ability to publish and organize on the web, revolutionary.

Blogging has changed the way we communicate.

Last month I received an email about my own blog, and how perhaps I was not portraying all of who I was. Somehow recounting my good times frolicking in the city was a bit offensive. Or at least it was offending their image of me.

Then my relative texted me, mentioning information she could have only gathered from the blog, since we had not spoken. Admitted she had misinterpreted something she had read.

Earlier today, catching up with my mom on the phone, "mija they read your blog and they think they know your whole life." I assured her, that I knew it was public and did not publish anything I would not be comfortable discussing If I chose to. Privacy, is not something I give up easily.

So it has become an issue of discretion, did the British Diplomat share too much information about his visits to the red light district? Or did he beat someone to the story by publishing his own indiscretions? The headlines are full of what public figures are caught in the act doing. Rarely however, are these public figures acknowledging their faults.

Perhaps because I was trained as a journalist I think of my blog in a more creative and uncensored way. My life is not hard news, nor do I posture it to be so.

It is interesting however, what people choose to read into. I was asked recently if blogging did not interfere with my academic writing. I explained it was like ADD. I had to blog, as a creative outlet in order to then be able to sit and focus on the dissertation. The pen to paper journal I have kept since childhood, has not been replaced. The blog is what I choose to share, discretely.

I heard once you should do what you love: I love writing. This week the opportunity to enter the field of blog journalism appeared. I thought about how I always intended to pick up my career in journalism. Somehow, I imagined I would simultaneously exist within Academia while, also resuming my work with independent media.

We are full circle, and when I enter the legitimate realm of blog journalism, I will be accountable for my writing. Until then, if you don't like what you read, then please, don't let me keep you: Support your local blogger, their writing is changing the way we view media, communication, and information.

Blog Gone Wild for British Diplomat


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