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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Living in a Sanctuary

I tell friends from out of town all the time- living in San Francisco, is like being on an adult fantasy island.

Smart sexy singles; plenty of watering holes, restaurants, music venues, fashion, yoga, and art to choose from. Plus an excellent transit system that makes driving, optional.

It is no wonder this city gave the nation; a form of legal gay marriage, medical marijuana cards, the first woman speaker of the house, and now a mayor that believes San Francisco should be a sanctuary for immigrants.

There is something very human about living in this city. The access to free hospice, health care, and psychiatric care are additional perks. Being green and sustainable are always on the agenda.

Yet there is more to it. A general sense of charity and philanthropy pervades: Maybe we should thank the Jesuits for that. Really though, the well being of the city depends on all of us who inhabit it. Some give money, some give time, some share their resources or their outrage.

This city like any other city is not perfect: At least San Francisco is aware and accountable.

I guess I never really thought about the mayor. Beyond the fact that his former wife was an alumna of my university and from what I gathered somewhat Puerto Rican on her Mami's side. Which I thought was cool.

Anyway, I saw him on Sunday. Without his security detail, without officers distracting from the event. He was there, in the common area on the Marina Green following the Multiple MyelomaResearch Foundation 5k. Gavin Newsom, just another person in the crowd, talking and stopping for the occasional photo, without upstaging the event, or the community that hosted it.

Newsom says S.F. won't help with raids / Mayor pledges to discourage feds' immigration sweeps


Blogger Pachuco 3000 said...

SF is very lucky to have a majority populace with enough money and thus time to think about and act on the issues. Here in LA you see the activism occuring as a fight for bread and butter survival amoung our large Latino undocumented populace.
SF is a model for cities but one that requires a monied homogenous (socially, economically) society. My generalizations are broad but nonetheless are true, for the most part. Don't forget the extreme battles that occured in SF over (re)gentrification. In this light SF is a 'singles fantasy island.'

1:36 PM  
Blogger Lorena said...

full of singles ready to mingle...tu sabes.

1:56 PM  

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