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I moved to this fabulous city three years ago mainly to; be near an airport for travel, be able to not trade my stilletos for trainers, and to finish my doctoral studies in four years. Yes, that pretty much sums up my priorities at 30. So now I am ABD with nine months to go and San Francisco is no easy city to ignore. Although, I would argue that each experience that deters my academic writing is really just needed inspiration. Welcome and I hope you enjoy...

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Social Studies

I don't like to wait. So I am usually not the first person anywhere...

To my surprise when we arrived with the birthday girl on time to our 8pm dinner reservations, the table was not ready. Fortunately my fellow doctoral student coordinated a round of French 75's and we toasted to girls night. Maybe it was 8:10 when I returned to ask how much longer? By then the Maitre Di came over to asked if we had ordered a small plate, "oh they are probably sending it to us since they are late with our table and it is my friends birthday." A great woman and funeral director said- I want to be you.

Table ready, as promised 1, 2, 3, complimentary hot orderves arrived. Dinner was your seasonal, sustainable, organic you name it goodness and the social worker ordered a big pork thing the whole table shared (oh, the solitary life of a vegetarian :). We took turns toasting to the good things in our life and our friend the sustainable MBA shared her up and coming business venture. The made to order molten chocolate cupcakes at the end of the night were delicious!
Discussing my dissertation with the seminar class, heard a mumble following my response to a question. I was amused by the discussion and the comment well, "I am being assertive, not defensive, there is a difference." Later in the discussion the same man commented on how I should be careful with my wording, "yes, I should just come out and say the educational practices are implicitly racist, you know it is a little difficult to have a discussion with you when your are so limited in your knowledge of both my conceptual framework and methodology." Interestingly enough he had nothing more to say. A colleague later called me passionate, "thank you."
Reprinted the last memory of the Latin American Social Club with drinks and funny sounding Spanish with the group of Uruguayan, Argentinean, Venezuelan, and Spanish natives. Crossed the street to the Make Out Room and danced to cumbias & dub with the international crew plus the Mexico City additions. Headed over to my first Balazo clandestino, where the international Latino set continued early into the morning. Manu Chau streaming through the speakers, fresh mojito in hand, and my querido boludo- perfect.

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Blogger El Editor said...

As I said yesterday and as I'm reminded everytime I read your newest blog, I went into the wrong line of work.

10:35 AM  
Blogger Lorena said...

when i start writing my own grants, we will see if we can contract you in :)

11:28 AM  

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