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I moved to this fabulous city three years ago mainly to; be near an airport for travel, be able to not trade my stilletos for trainers, and to finish my doctoral studies in four years. Yes, that pretty much sums up my priorities at 30. So now I am ABD with nine months to go and San Francisco is no easy city to ignore. Although, I would argue that each experience that deters my academic writing is really just needed inspiration. Welcome and I hope you enjoy...

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Friday, February 08, 2008

Snow Lovely

When I first moved to San Francisco, I couldn't imagine why people wanted to spend the winter commuting up to Tahoe. Drive in traffic to the snow? This debate was at the center of many winter relationships, he loved the snow/snowboarding and his friends did too, so why was I so reluctant to leave the city?

I just couldn't get enough of San Francisco, I was in my own wonderland. Yet I have taken at least one trip a year to the snow since leaving LA. It is always fun once I am out here in the company of friends. Finally after a few years of dealing with the cold I made my way to the Sports Basement for a winter sample sale and scored on some really cute snow gear by Bonfire. Once warm, I could focus on enjoying the snow. I think having the right gear in the elements is essential to enjoyment.

One winter I signed up to take a snow boarding class at Northstar. I would have been just as happy sitting around the fire pit at Squa but my friends convinced me. So I convinced them a shot of tequila before would increase our courage. Totally suspended my vertigo temporarily. My snowboarding didn't really improve but we found the tequila and instructor from Chile really inspiring.

It seems every year I am getting to the snow more and more. My friend has a cozy cabin up here and the wireless makes it easy to work remotely. Sometimes I just stay in and work, the view is amazing. I did not grow up with snowsports but I am learning to appreciate the peaceful beauty and pace of mountain living.

This trip was just to slow down. Just what I needed, a cozy fire and hot tub in the snow. Made my way into town, thanks to the hospitality of a friendly local, and discovered some places I really enjoyed. I could see why this winter wonderland could be habit forming...

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