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I moved to this fabulous city three years ago mainly to; be near an airport for travel, be able to not trade my stilletos for trainers, and to finish my doctoral studies in four years. Yes, that pretty much sums up my priorities at 30. So now I am ABD with nine months to go and San Francisco is no easy city to ignore. Although, I would argue that each experience that deters my academic writing is really just needed inspiration. Welcome and I hope you enjoy...

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


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My summers are marked by travel and music...Fortunately this year I have had my share of both and good friends with whom to partake.

When I returned from Portland my friend picked me up from the airport and after freshening up we picked up my fuzzy friend and headed to the loft party. Found the birthday girl, handed her a bottle of bubbly and after enjoying the amazing sound system made our way to a late night dinner.

From the generous folks and friends at Stern Grove heard the amazing sounds of Si*Se and Bajofondo Performing live. I have long been a fan of Si*Se and the cd I have was burned for me, with the playlist written in my best friend from 9th grades meticulous handwriting. This week finally made it to Amoeba and picked up a copy of Bajofondo- Mardulce.

The week was full of early morning cafe outings to focus on the more scholarly elements of my life. Rockin Java and Tartine being among my current cafe favorites!

Met with my friend and the Stern Grovers for yummy food at 'Home,' their $4 signature cocktail happy hour was also very nice. Perfect stop before walking over for a show at the du Nord.

With my Seattle native friend checked out nights at the de Young featuring the work of Chihuly, live music and water coloring- quite a treat.

Pulled off a successful Bridal Brunch and looking forward to the Hen night! The city girls are getting married- one down three to go, those lucky, lucky men :)

The LA girls are having babies- the last four all being perfectly beautiful baby boys.

The familia is strong and well, making plans to; the lake, to Bolinas, Arizon, the Gulf of Mexico...everything around is growing.

I couldn't be happier.

photo above was taken Sunday the 10 of August in Dolores park- another day of sun, friends and bubbly



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