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I moved to this fabulous city three years ago mainly to; be near an airport for travel, be able to not trade my stilletos for trainers, and to finish my doctoral studies in four years. Yes, that pretty much sums up my priorities at 30. So now I am ABD with nine months to go and San Francisco is no easy city to ignore. Although, I would argue that each experience that deters my academic writing is really just needed inspiration. Welcome and I hope you enjoy...

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Living La City Vida

When the writing is good, the urge to recharge is greater. Weaving some work with the pace of the city...

Deadline met, joined the girls for margarita's at Tommy's Mexican Food. The first place that filled my craving for something like ambiente. A brindis was in order among us for the short story that will be published, the MFA poetry collection that is being edited, and the progress towards the dis. A couple hours later made our way to the Kabuki for Sophias new film, her aesthetic is impeccable.

Faught the urge to wake up early and slept til noon. Sat at the table and worked for hours editing the cv, setting up timelines and calendars, and sent off the evites...

My friend invited me out. On that side of town, you can see the golden gate bridge from the street. La Barca was a pleasant surprise, the owner a very good one, greeted us warmly and gave us glow in the dark straws. It was the tile floor, the decor of the restaurants I frequented as a little girl. To some it maybe kitsch but I love white adobe walls, offset by dark brown wood, and vintage bullfighting posters sharing space on the walls with black velvet paintings. Sang along to Spazmatics the cover band and even sang a verse of Violent Femmes into the microphone. Exited to the next stop in the center of town.

Windows down, music blasting, driving fast down streets with dips and hills. Sliding around on leather seats, singing along to Bob Sinclaires "World hold on..." Knowing- these are the moments to remember.


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