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Friday, March 09, 2007

Cyber Babe

Something humorous for a Friday Morning....

Girl ventures into online dating cautiously hiding her profile only to approach the men she might find interesting...two men later there is the issue of dating both of them at the same time, plus the lawyer that has become an admirer and dating three men takes way too much effort.

Girl decides haphazardly to choose the engineer. Who ends up far more in love with his job than he ever would be with girl so girl decides to dump him too. Pulls the online plug and decides to meet guys the old fashioned way, by going out.

Girl meets a dentist and an artist and the month of online dating is quickly forgotten. Neither work out. Sometimes it is good to be single, no it is GREAT to be single!

Months later girl bumps into the other from her online dating world, offline. The one she didn't pick is single. So, they decide to try again. Both make irrational propositions: I only want to date one person, lets try again...

Suddenly they have more interests in common, he invites her on a holiday and she declines...things in the first week are clear.

Then one day girl opens inbox to find said boy from her previous online life (from which she has withdrawn) being pimped out by the service. There his bright and smiling face tempting to lure her back to online dating. A place place he never left, where he looks, and has been looking in the last 24 hours.

Girl effectively calls him out on this. Calm, but clearly commenting how funny it was to see that he was still online...although she does not know much about online dating there is something to be said for telling the truth, and being an intuitive Latina.

Her friends on the other hand had the following to say:
"You are dating dickwads," male friend
"Sometimes you call guys on their shit, and they don't want to hear it," non-latina single friend
"Men lie," Friend in a relationship
"Babe In Total Control of Hersel," Sherry Argov, Why Men Marry Bitches

Just another week in the other place I would rather be.


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