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I moved to this fabulous city three years ago mainly to; be near an airport for travel, be able to not trade my stilletos for trainers, and to finish my doctoral studies in four years. Yes, that pretty much sums up my priorities at 30. So now I am ABD with nine months to go and San Francisco is no easy city to ignore. Although, I would argue that each experience that deters my academic writing is really just needed inspiration. Welcome and I hope you enjoy...

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lip-gloss Confidential

Spent the week helping my dad care for my mamacita or at least entertaining her. We made good progress on the Caramelo novel we are reading by Sandra Cisneros, caught up with her favorite telenovela Pasion, and laughed at family stories that I couldn't believe I had not heard.

It was nice to see her regaining her strength as the week went on. The calls, cards, and visits from those that hold her dear lift her spirits greatly. Before my dad drove me to the flyaway yesterday, she was already up; heater on, canela boiling and french toast made when I rolled out of bed at 6am. It was cold outside and waking up to her warmth was perfect.

I am not very domestic but I tried. They thought some off my approaches silly but appreciated them nonetheless. One morning I drove to my favorite strip mall on Plummer, picked up fresh alternative bagels from Western Bagel and lox cream cheese for my dad, then perused the isles of Gelson's for some sugar free and organic goodness to bring home. Decided another day to redo her bedroom, picked up high thread count sheets, comforter set, some pretty bedroom rugs, rearranged the fresh flower arrangements and she loved it!


Back in the city had two meetings and a friends birthday dinner I coordinated at the month old foodie Haven EPIC Roasthouse. Crackberry in hand I had a successful and productive first day back.

I always thought the friends I made from grammar school, high school, college and sorority would last me a lifetime. If that were the case then I would be down two; the former friend that took it upon herself to speak with some sort of authority about my extended family, oh that was a bad move and as forgettable as her brother that took up with my sister. The second LA friend that has seem to become a distant memory was probably collateral damage from my disclosing her boyfriends indiscretions. Either way, I saw one in the distance after Sunday mass as my dad and I chatted outside with old parish friends and the other I heard is engaged.

At the end of the day, I am the friend I want to have. The women I have met in my adult life have morphed into my new peers. Funny, witty, attractive, kind, and somehow I think I got really lucky to meet them here in this new place, when I thought I had already made the friends I would grow old with.

I think we are as young as Sex in the City but definitely as mature as the Lipstick Jungle. Here you go boys, a look inside girls of last night one is happily cohabitating with her boyfriend, one is still with her boyfriend, one is dating only one person because that is what she has time for, and the other is definitely off the market for a minute :)

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Blogger El Editor said...

I guess is was perfect timing we had our Happy Friday / Friends convrsation. Hope that our paths continue together (strong and happy) for plenty of time.

3:04 PM  
Blogger Lorena said...

Por vida amigo, gracias :)

3:52 PM  
Blogger tacosam said...

Great post. Very true about the friends thing. Some come and some go, but a few are there forever. My two best friends I met while at Hastings in San Fransico. I didn't meet them until I was 25. Twelve years later and we are still in touch almost every day, at least through email. We were all each others groomsmen in our weddings. It is very cool and something I treasure. Maybe I should write a post about it!

11:56 AM  
Blogger Lorena said...

hola papisam!

loving you new blog dulzura en julio

8:17 PM  

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