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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bebe Love

My Tia Alma Delia, by birthright although younger, had the perfect courtship. She was finishing up her master's degree, and her mother refused to attend her wedding until she did. So there she was simultaneously planning her wedding and writing: A first born and dutiful daughter. Women of her caliber are rare.

I remember meeting her fiance Alex after we had lunch one visit and the poor thing couldn't believe more women with his beloveds temperament- existed. As we walked around the city trying to decide if we wanted to see a film, or go for a drink, listen to music, we just enjoyed catching up, finally we settled on a cafe, for coffee and desert. They are my Mexican contemporaries and although we love our families enjoyed getting to see the city on their terms.

When she asked me to be in her wedding it was a combination of excitement and logistics. I was moving that summer first to Santa Barbara and then up north. Nonetheless, I factored in visits for the dress maker and fittings. Went to Calafia to see the grounds where the wedding would take place. We even held her bachelorette primas only weekend in Las Vegas.

The whole process was enjoyable and she was a stunning bride, unless my memory is failing me, that was the last large scale wedding my family has held. The party they planned was flawless and fun. The pre reception mariachi in the outdoor courtyard, the sit down dinner with a trio, then the DJ maybe a band, and never ending alcohol. It seemed like the dance floor was as packed as the really gorgeous open air patio facing the ocean.

We stayed at Calafia and the next day all slightly hung over, my mom organized us to go to Puerto Nuevo. The garlic buttered lobster, made me think maybe I was missing out...

This morning my mom called me to tell me my abuelita had been at the the birth of Alma Delias first born, a son. It was about this time four years ago, when the whole process of her wedding had begun. At her September wedding I remember thinking how perfect everything was and how lucky I was, to be born into so much love.

Bienvenido, lindo bebe.


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